Somnambulist (LP)

by Giyo

Intro 01:03
Repertoire 05:12
Tsunami Boy 03:34
A Bad Dream 03:15
Old Faithful 03:50
Feelin' Fine 02:34
Cluster Head 05:14
2am and I'm suddenly awoken, My teeth are on fire and my right eye won't open. While I slept he stood over my bed, Prepping his device for entering my head. Thirty seconds from awaking I'm shaking, Dropping the pills that I wanna be taking, And now I'm awake I can see it's too late, No amount of painkillers will take this away. It's the twenty first night but the thirty first time That the man in my eye has tried to pull it out from inside. I look back at my one eyed reflection, Heart pounding from the nervous tension. Tears streaming from my closed eye, While my open eye is open wide. My teeth are tied with chains, Pulled tight to take the strain, And as his blade slides down through my mind, I'm lobotomized but I can still feel pain. I know time's running out for me now, I've got to find a way back upstairs somehow. Thirty seconds that's all I've got, Before we break truce and this war goes hot. I make it back to bed just in time to lie down and quiet my mind, When I find that the bright white light of a nuclear strike is igniting behind my eye. A voice echoes round my mind like a thought, My device is prepared now the chains are taught, My device is prepared, Now you should be scared. The bomb strikes, the device is live, Pain cascades from the back of my eye, And my jaw feels lined with high voltage wires, I wanna pull my teeth out with pliers. I'd scream if I knew how, If I knew how I'd really let loose and howl, But all I can do is press my hand to my face, Rock back and forth grit my teeth and pace. (Fall to my knees press my head to the floor, Scream I can't take anymore.) A cacophony fills my head, A sound so loud I wish I was dead, Like the slipping of tectonic plates, Or the impact of an asteroid from space. I'm convinced I'm about to die, As the man kindly reminds me he's taking my eye. The cacophony grows in my head, So loud I wish I was - It's the twenty first night but the thirty first time That the man in my eye has failed to pull it out from inside. And after leaving me unsuccessful, He leaves me unsettled, unrestful. I hope that was the end of the cycle, I hope that was the end of the cycle, I hope that was the end of the cycle, I hope he won't be around for a while. Doctors say it's the worst pain you can endure, But we don't know what causes it and there isn't a cure. And while we hide from the word suicide, It never really crosses our minds. It affects point two percent of population, But I'm not diagnosed and not on medication, No oxygen prescription, no injections, It's just me and my one eyed reflection. With the dull ache of an arrow to the face, Now just a shadow stands in his place, An ominous figure I can deal with, A sinister shadow I can live with. I lie back with a smile on my face, Running a finger down my shadow trace (thinking), Next time he comes for my eyes in my bed, I'll be ready, I'm a Cluster Head.
Our Secret 03:08


Dusty jazz breaks, Trip hop atmospheres, Classical melodies.


released December 2, 2016

All tracks written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Olly Guy.




Giyo UK

Guitarist, multi instrumentalist and producer.

All of Giyo’s music is written, performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Olly Guy.

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